Propelling the green future
through renewable energies.

Did you know?

600 Million people out of 1.1 Billion in Sub Saharan Africa have limited access to Electricity.
This affects households in their daily life:



Use of life changing communication and economic tool, mobile phones is hindered due to lack of power to charge at home.



With limited resources for illumination, hours for family, small businesses, study, and work are cut short when the sun goes down.


Open fire cooking causes over 4 million deaths per year

Conditions like heart disease and COPD are directly linked to the toxic smoke inhaled by the billions of people still cooking over biomass fires.


Families spend disproportionately large amounts of time and income collecting wood and paying for kerosene.

All this is changing with our life changing renewable energy technologies

Our Solution

We are on a mission to provide affordable, modern and easy access energy that comes from the sun as well as environmentally friendly technologies that ensure improvement of life for rural and urban communities.

Who are we

IWET is one of the fastest growing off-grid solar companies in Malawi. Our mission is to provide energy solutions and innovative services which improve the livelihood of people in Malawi such as solar technologies and solar water pumping technologies. We believe in creating a lasting relationship with communities through offering high-quality modern energy technologies on an affordable financing plan

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